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Blue Star Voices: The Hermitage Museum

From Memorial Day through Labor Day active duty military families (including guard and reserve) can visit 2000+ museums for free thanks to the National Endowment for the Arts, Blue Star Families, Joining Forces, MetLife Foundation, and museums across the country. Blue Star Museums is pretty much one of the things I am most looking forward to this summer.

The husband and I are taking a road trip next month to Rhode Island. Along the way we plan to stop in a few cities and check out some museums, all for the crazy price of FREE! I already have a list a mile-long of museums in New Jersey, New York City, Connecticut, and Rhode Island that I want to visit. Scott and I love to get lost in the history of a museum. While I tend to want to quickly look at everything and then go back and spend time on my favorite paintings, sculptures, etc., my dear husband tends to want to read every note about every piece. The beauty of visiting these museums for free means we can come back again and check out the stuff we missed.

Waiting until July to cash in on free museums seems silly so last week when my parents were in town we decided to spend one afternoon at the Hermitage Museum.

I was in complete awe of this seated Buddha statue that was made in the sixth century! Standing next to something that old was pretty coo;, I might have geeked out a bit. Oh, it is made of marble so I imagine that gorgeous piece weighs about a ton!

One of my favorite things to look at is stained glass. I might have picked out the church we were married in based on the gorgeous stained glass. The Hermitage Museum was originally home to the Sloane family so there is a ton of gorgeous stained glass all around the museum.

While my parents and I only spent about two hours at the Hermitage Museum we could have easily made it an all-day affair. In addition to the cool museum that has tons of history about the Sloane family, there is a gorgeous garden outside and tons of grass for kids to run around on. You could very easily pack a picnic and spend a few hours after [touring] the museum sitting outside with your kiddos, snacking and playing. This would be an inexpensive way to spend the day as a family full of fun and culture. Since we don’t yet have kids I am dreaming about going back to their secret garden-like oasis and spending the afternoon reading a book and then touring the museum again.

As you begin to make plans this summer to travel, PCS, or entertain your kids, I encourage you to take a few minutes and explore the map and see what museums are free in your area.

Blue Star Families is also looking for bloggers to blog about their Blue Star Museum visits. If your #milkids visit any of the 2000+ Blue Star Museums they can enter Blue Star Families Way-Cool Creativity Contest. The the prizes for this contest are pretty awesome.


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