Two trombone players perform, facing a lake with the audience in rowboats.

"Last year, in 2010, one of our special projects, which I produced myself, was a performance surrounding the Central Park Lake, with six percussionists: three of them on floating stages, surrounding an audience in rowboats, performing an avant-garde percussion piece by the Greek composer Iannis Xenakis. The performance was really quite spectacular. This year we wanted to have something else, making use of the unique setting and acoustics of the lake. The way that sound travels over the water is really different from the way sound travels on land, and a lot of acoustic effects are possible in this setting.

"An organization called MATA, which was started by composer Philip Glass about 15 years ago, commissioned a group of three Australian composers to come to New York to create a site-specific piece for Make Music New York called Swelter. Small groups of brass players surrounded the lake and performed with each other through cues—there was no one conductor. They were all just listening for particular motifs played by their brass colleagues."

All quotes by Aaron Friedman

Photo by Darial Sneed