An orchestra of student musicians performs in front of the Kaufman Center.

"Face the Music is a group that’s based at the Kaufman Center, which is connected to Merkin Concert Hall on the Upper West Side. This group of teenagers performs contemporary classical music at a very high level, and they’ve been part of Make Music New York for at least the last four years, possibly all five years.

The city closed a block of 57th Street and had a performance of Steve Reich’s Tehillim, which is a large 50-minute work for singers and percussionists and lots of instruments. I think anytime when you close a street, people will take notice, and the music’s so hypnotic and beautiful, and it’s really just kind of the perfect Make Music New York situation where this kind of amazing group of musicians is playing a great piece of music. Face the Music is still not very well-known among their neighbors. I don't know how many people would recognize the name of the group, but having them outside where anyone can walk by and start to listen is just a magical experience."

All quotes by Aaron Friedman

Photo by Darial Sneed