A punk band performs outside on a large green field.

"There's a basic framework for Make Music New York that's based on the FĂȘte de la Musique, where anyone can sign up and create their own concert. But there are lots of other special projects that we've created ourselves, as we've seen the festival grow, and certain needs that aren't otherwise being met. So, for example, from the beginning we've had lots of punk bands and not enough places for them to play. It was actually the punk bands that complained to us that we were offering them places or ideas of where to perform and they were thinking, well, if we play as loudly as we want to be playing, people are going to throw eggs and it's going to be a terrible experience. So we were able to secure Governors Island for them to use, and have Punk Island every year for dozens of punk bands. [In 2011, more than 50 punk bands played.] That's become one of our signature annual events.

"This year we worked with a group called ABC No Rio which is a Lower Eastside venue and artist space collective that’s been putting on punk shows in New York for over 20 years. I personally know almost nothing about punk music, and having a group of experts who are actually figuring out which sorts of people should be performing close to each other [and who know] the different subgenres of punk, those are all invaluable pieces of the puzzle."

All quotes by Aaron Friedman

Photo by Doug Glass