A pianist performs on a piano painted bright yellow with large pink and red flowers.

"The picture here is of a concert by the organization Five Boroughs Music Festival at City Hall Park at one of the Sing for Hope pianos for Make Music New York. From the beginning, we’ve had this issue of what to do with pianists because all the Make Music New York concerts take place outdoors, and it’s not a simple matter to bring a piano outside. In 2010, a group called Sing for Hope worked in part with [the artist] Luke Jerram who had an initiative in England, which has since become international, called Play Me; I’m Yours. The idea was to get a lot of cheap pianos from Craigslist or some equivalent and fix them up and put them on the streets for a couple of weeks for anyone to play. In 2010 the pianos were unveiled for Make Music New York. We were a consultant with them to help get permits for all the different locations and then coordinate Make Music New York musicians. In 2010 there were 60 pianos and in 2011 they put out 88 pianos for obvious symbolic reason. We worked together with them to coordinate musicians for as many of those pianos as we could."

All quotes by Aaron Friedman

Photo of pianist Yegor Shevtsov by Adam Jason Photography