Outside a large brick building, three string musicians perform for an audience of adults and children.

"From the start, Carnegie Hall has been a Make Music New York participant, and the first couple of years they had concerts outside of Carnegie Hall itself. They have some groups that they work with throughout the year who are musical ambassadors or teaching artists or residents and they often have used those groups for the Make Music New York performances. A couple of years ago they started to have their Make Music New York events in other neighborhoods—one year they had a group at the Brooklyn Museum in Crown Heights and this past year [they had a group] at the Abrons Art Center on the Lower East Side. In a way this is part of their initiative to bring Carnegie Hall programming to all corners of New York City. The string quartet Ethel is a high-level innovative classical string quartet that plays a lot of their own music and sort of rock-influenced music—it’s hard to sum up. They really do their own thing, and they have been in touch with us for a while about trying to be part of Make Music New York on their own, but it really took Carnegie Hall’s administrative powers to get everyone’s schedules to align and put it all together.

"Most of New York's major musical presenters take part in Make Music New York; if not every year, then most years. Central Park SummerStage, the River to River Festival, Joe's Pub [at the Public Theater], City Winery, the Guggenheim Museum, the Metropolitan Museum—it’s a very long list. And probably what motivates some of them is a little different from what motivates a garage band that never gets a chance to perform and loves to come out on their block. For them, it's more about highlighting the kinds of musical programming they do throughout the year, and creating a sort of showcase for them, for what it is they do, and a way for their neighbors, and other people who are curious, to have a kind of free sampling, kind of an open house for their programming."

All quotes by Aaron Friedman

Photo by Liz Ferguson