Photograph of a grey stone building with a rounded arch over the entrance and the words 'The Marfa National Bank' next to the entrance.

Purchased by Judd in November 1989, this prominent two-story building containing more than 15 rooms, is located in downtown Marfa and was formerly the Marfa Bank. After renovating the building, Judd installed early paintings and drawings on the ground floor and used the upper floor as his architecture studio. It also houses an extensive collection of modernist furniture, and paintings by prominent 20th-century artists and designers are also featured in the building. Judd Foundation replaced broken marble on the fa├žade and renovated the exterior in 2008.
Architecture Studio, Exterior (Bank Building). Photo © Hester + Hardaway www.PhotoGypsies.com. Courtesy Judd Foundation Archive. Art © Judd Foundation. Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY