A stairway leads up to the second floor of a building with white walls and windows. A wooden table sits in the corner and vessel-shaped pieces of art are on the floor.

Judd renovated the two-story house to serve as his private residence, with a kitchen area and bedrooms for his daughter Rainer and his son, Flavin. On the east side of the two-story building, in line with his daughter Rainer's room, Judd planted grasses and a row of plum trees in the narrow passage between the house and the perimeter wall. "She wanted a yard," he later wrote. A separate building was built next to the house to serve as a bathhouse. Designed to be the same height as the U-shaped courtyard wall, the bathhouse was built between the house and the East Building. An additional building was built on the opposite side of the courtyard to maintain symmetry with the bathhouse, in keeping with Judd's interest in symmetry in art and architecture.
La Mansana de Chinati, 2-Story, 2nd Story. Courtesy Judd Foundation Archive. Art © Judd Foundation. Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY