A fence stands on one side of railroad tracks with the words 'What you see is not what it is' cut out.

With In Lieu of Unity, Ballroom Marfa initiated community dinners as part of its opening weekend events, which also include a public reception in the gallery, a music program, and gallery walkthroughs with the artists and curators. In a community of only 2,000, as many as 250 people attend these dinners, an opportunity for the artists and community members to come together.
In addition to its visual arts offerings, Ballroom Marfa also presents up to ten concerts that feature a wide range of musical formats, from young artists from experimental and indie rock's cutting edge to modern classical masters.
Ballroom Marfa's film program presents both single screenings and curated series, drawing from the entire history of cinema, including contemporary independent art films and international features, past and present. Ballroom Marfa's film programs are free and open to the public, another component in its efforts to engage with its community.
Ballroom Marfa is also embarking on a project to build the Ballroom Marfa Drive-In, a sculptural reconfiguration of classic outdoor drive-in theater architecture that will provide a new outdoor venue for music, film, and performing arts. This will allow Ballroom Marfa to extend its programming and bring a unique, community-oriented experience to Marfa. Ballroom Marfa recently received an NEA Our Town grant to support a multi-stage improvement plan for Vizcaino County Park, which will serve as the Drive-In's permanent home.
In Lieu of Unity, 26 March 2010 - 19 September 2010. Curated by Alicia Ritson. Tercerunquinto, What You See Is Not What It Is, 2010, Courtesy of Ballroom Marfa, Photography © Fredrik Nilsen