A sleeping bag on the ground with the sun setting in the background.

"Names don't amount to much where I live in West Texas, either in English or Spanish: Goat Mountain, Blue Mountain, Twin Mountain, Cathedral Mountain, Sierra Vieja, Sierra Villista, only named since Pancho Villa, Rio Grande, so that even the name Sierra Chinati is conspicuous. I have a ranch on the north end of the range overlooking the Rio Grande called Ayala de Chinati. This has two small houses, which I've thought a lot about but done little about, since I hate to damage the land around them. Here, everywhere, the destruction of new land is a brutality. Nearby a man bought a nearly untouched ranch three or four years ago, bulldozed roads everywhere so he could shoot deer without walking and last fall died. In another direction a pair cut their land to pieces for no reason at all. Within a real view of the world and the universe this violence would be a sin –- there are no words since there are no ethics that correspond to the present known nature of the world."
-- Donald Judd, Ayala de Chinati, 1989
Sunset over Marfa ranchland. Photo by Flavin Judd. Courtesy Judd Foundation Archive. Art © Judd Foundation. Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY