Pop-up house sculpture made from paper

Ghost Form, 2004; a pop-up sculpture created by William Christenberry. Photo © Esopus Foundation Ltd

William Christenberry
Ghost Form
Esopus 2 (Spring 2004)

"Bill Christenberry—I’ve been a huge fan of his work for a long, long time. I wasn’t as familiar with his sculpture, but I’ve always loved his photography. He lives down in Washington, and I was down there at one point and went to visit him. I said, “Would you do something for the magazine?” and he said he’d love to. I figured it would be a photography thing but he came back with this idea for a pop-up sculpture. I love a challenge, I’ve got to tell you. It was exciting but it was also a little scary because this was our second issue. I’d never done anything like this. He gave me an idea of what he wanted to do. It was based on the photograph that he’d done in the 70s.

It was the first thing that we did that I really thought, 'Oh God, I really hope this works.' We weren’t going to know until literally these were bound into the magazine."