CD inserted into magazine

 The Imaginary Friends CD insert. Photo © Esopus Foundation Ltd

“Lisa” by The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers
From Esopus CD #4: Imaginary Friends (Spring 2005)

"We do a theme CD in every issue, and the themes have ranged from all over the place. 'Favorite' is always a dangerous word, but this is one of my most exciting CD projects in that the theme is really terrific. We approached a bunch of readers and asked them to let us know, if they were children who had imaginary friends, if they could describe their friends to us. We got 25 and we sent them to the musicians we’d approached to do something. Each musician picked one friend and wrote a song about it. ['Lisa'] is the most incredible, beautiful song. It’s such a moving testament to the power of imagination and childhood, and lost childhood, and time moving on. It’s even better that the imaginary friend described was the imaginary friend of Alan Sparhawk [vocalist and guitarist for the band Low]. It was a double whammy—a great musician’s description of something turned into a great song by somebody else."