Notes and scribbles

Page of Matthew Weiner’s notes related to Mad Men. Photo © Esopus Foundation Ltd

Matthew Weiner
Esopus 20 (Fall 2013)

"About three weeks before we went to press [on our latest issue], I got an e-mail form [Mad Men creator] Matthew Weiner, who I had sent issues to right after the first season of Mad Men. I never heard from him. I thought, 'Oh well, I guess that was a wash.' He finally runs across them I think on a bookshelf in his house. He really liked the magazine, and he wanted to do something. These are early, early gestures, early shots in the dark basically, which ended up being turned into this amazing television series. So I got all of his stuff together and it felt like a wonderful collection of ephemera documents, everything related to this whole notion of artistic expression and creativity."