Colorful oil painting on canvas
Glass Nymphony

Song: Glass' Symphony No. 9
Inspiration: First performance of Symphony No. 9 by Phillip Glass (January 1, 2012)

The first time I was inspired to paint Phillip Glass I was working on three other paintings at the same time. I called it Glass Nymphony because, when you go over the bridge in Monet's garden to where the water lilies are, it's called the Nymph Garden. I thought this seemed like Monet's garden but with twisted colors, more fall colors, like fire water. It started with a very thin, gray line structure. Then it built on top of that. It's just very tranquil. The piece of music is just majestic and very haunting. Then it would have these little notes that just didn't fit in. Those notes are on the other canvases. This one is when the music was very tight and panoramic.