Colorful oil painting on canvas

Song: "Gymnopedie (Satle)"
Inspiration: The day Herbie Mann's album Nirvana was recorded (December 8, 1961)

I wonder what Herbie meant by "Gymnopedie." I've looked it up, but can't find anything. This music is very tranquil, but there's movement. Something is moving through the water. It's not still. It's like there's a stick bobbling along. I wanted some colors to be bright. I remember getting excited over the cobalt blue I had made. I mixed it in some linseed oil and another medium. It became very slippery, and when it was wet it was glistening. White, generally, in my painting is spirit. Here, it's reflection. This does seem like a question and answer kind of piece, like the conversation between the flute and piano.