Additional Information on Folk & Traditional Arts

  1. Where do I find out if my state is an on-year or off-year applicant for the Partnership Agreement?

    A. On-year SAAs and RAOs are listed in the annual Partnership Agreement guidelines, in the section called How to Prepare and Submit an Application.

  2. When SAAs and RAOs apply for Folk Arts Partnership on-year, will the same amount of funding be allocated for the next two years, until the next on-year application?

    A. Funding will stay as consistent as possible all three years, assuming:

    • Little or no change to the National Endowment for the Arts' Congressional appropriation and,
    • Little or no change to the state's folk arts programming. If there are significant changes, the Folk Arts Partnership amounts may be adjusted proportionately.
  3. If SAAs and RAOs submit a budget that reflects a single year, do we they submit an updated or new budget in the off-years?

    A. SAAs and RAOs do not need to submit a separate folk arts partnership budget in the off-years. However, SAAs and RAOs will incorporate the Folk Arts Partnership expenses with their agency's annual Partnership Agreement budgets during off-years. 

  4. When SAAs and RAOs apply in their off-year, will they need to address one or two year narratives, until they are applying in the on-year?

    A. All SAAs and RAOs will need to write narratives reflecting three-years, regardless of whether they are on-year or off-year.

  5. Do the guidelines for non-profits that apply separately need to write a narrative that is three-years in scope?

    A. Yes. Non-profits who apply separately will also write a narrative that is three years in scope, with a five page maximum.

  6. Do non-profits that apply separately for folk arts support apply every year? Or do they follow the funding cycle for the SAAs and RAOs?

    A. Non-profits who apply separately must apply every year, regardless of whether or not their corresponding SAA or RAO is on-year or off-year.  Non-profits are not eligible to be recommended for three-year funding.

  7. Will SAAs and RAOs be able to amend the scope of activities in off-years?

    A. We want to know about any significant changes to your programs, such as staff changes.

  8. How will these applications be evaluated or assessed differently than in years past?

    A. The applications will be evaluated against the same criteria as in prior years:

    • Quality of the program or project
    • Quality of the implementation, including accomplishments in relation to the overall plan
    • Quality of work with underserved communities

    See the full review criteria for Partnership funds in support of activities that strengthen Folk & Traditional Arts throughout a state or region.