Additional Information on Folk & Traditional Arts

  1. Where do I find out if my state is an on-year or off-year applicant for the NEA Partnership Agreement?

    A. On-year SAAs and RAOs are listed in the annual Partnership Agreement guidelines, in the section called How to Prepare and Submit an Application.  The full 3-year review cycle is listed on page 6 of the State & Regional Handbook.

  2. When SAAs and RAOs apply for Folk Arts Partnership on-year, will the same amount of funding be allocated for the next two years, until the next on-year application?

    A. Funding will stay as consistent as possible all three years, assuming:

    • Little or no change to the NEA's Congressional appropriation and,
    • Little or no change to the state's folk arts programming.  If there are significant changes, the Folk Arts Partnership amounts may be adjusted proportionately.
  3. If SAAs and RAOs submit a budget that reflects a single year, do we they submit an updated or new budget in the off-years?

    A. SAAs and RAOs do not need to submit a separate folk arts partnership budget in the off-years. However, SAAs and RAOs will incorporate the Folk Arts Partnership expenses with their agency's annual Partnership Agreement budgets during off-years. 

  4. When SAAs and RAOs apply in their off-year, will they need to address one or two year narratives, until they are applying in the on-year?

    A. All SAAs and RAOs will need to write narratives reflecting three-years, regardless of whether they are on-year or off-year.

  5. Do the guidelines for non-profits that apply separately need to write a narrative that is three-years in scope?

    A. Yes. Non-profits who apply separately will also write a narrative that is three years in scope, with a five page maximum.

  6. Do non-profits that apply separately for folk arts support apply every year? Or do they follow the funding cycle for the SAAs and RAOs?

    A. Non-profits who apply separately must apply every year, regardless of whether or not their corresponding SAA or RAO is on-year or off-year.  Non-profits are not eligible to be recommended for three-year funding.

  7. Will SAAs and RAOs be able to amend the scope of activities in off-years?

    A. We want to know about any significant changes to your programs, such as staff changes.

  8. How will these applications be evaluated or assessed differently than in years past?

    • Quality of the program or project
    • Quality of the implementation, including accomplishments in relation to the overall plan
    • Quality of work with underserved communities

    A. The applications will be evaluated against the same criteria as in prior years:

    See the full review criteria for Partnership funds in support of activities that strengthen Folk & Traditional Arts throughout a state or region.

    A panel of folk arts experts will evaluate the applications and provide recommendations to NEA staff.