PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENTS: National Services Grant Program Description

Limited funds are available for national services that are provided by membership organizations of state arts agencies and regional arts organizations. Funds are to be used for projects that provide leadership, training, planning, coordination, and information services that increase accountability and transparency. Support for National Services will come out of funds designated by the Congress for the state arts agencies and regional arts organizations. In reviewing requests, the National Endowment for the Arts will use, to the extent applicable, the review criteria for the Regional Arts Organizations.

In line with its strategic plan, the National Endowment for the Arts has determined that all National Services projects will address our objective of Understanding: Public knowledge and understanding about the contributions of the arts are enhanced.

We anticipate that national service organizations will be able to address this objective through activities that include: recognition and promotion of artistic achievement throughout the nation; research and dissemination of reports that demonstrate efforts by SAAs and RAOs to increase public knowledge and understanding about the arts’ contributions to social, civic, economic and/or other objectives; impact analyses of arts and cultural programming; recognition of  professional arts workers as a key sector of American industry; efforts by the SAAs and RAOs to nurture and promote innovation; collaborations with other state, regional, or national entities to explore or enhance the role the arts can play in their programming; activities promoting cultural diplomacy with other countries; and the hosting or sponsorship of related convenings, information exchanges, and reports.