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NOTE: Applicants are now required to change their passwords every 60 days. See for more details.

It is your responsibility to create and maintain a registration with Registration is a one-time process, which can take a day or more to complete. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE DAY OF THE APPLICATION DEADLINE TO REGISTER to allow time to resolve any issues that may arise. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in your inability to submit your application.

To register, click: Individual Registration. You will be asked to provide the Funding Opportunity Number of the grant. Enter 2014NEA03LFCW. If you have problems with registration contact at 1-800-518-4726, e-mail, or consult the information posted on the website at Applicant Resources. The Contact Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Maintain documentation (with dates) of your efforts to register before the deadline.

You do not need to complete the registration process to download the application package and begin to prepare your material (see below). However, you will need your Username and Password that you obtain during the registration process to submit your application.

Download the Application Package

  1. Verify your software.

    You must have a version of Adobe Reader that is supported by installed on your computer before you download your application package from Non-compatible versions of Adobe Reader or other Adobe products will lead to errors and prevent you from submitting your application. If more than one computer will be involved in the preparation of the application package, ensure that the same version of Adobe Reader is used.

    Please go to "Download Software" to see the compatible versions of Adobe Reader or to download and install Adobe Reader.

  2. Access the application package on by clicking on the link below.


    [Funding Opportunity Number 2014NEA03LFCW]

    This will bring you to the "Selected Grant Applications for Download" screen.

    Download the application package and follow the instructions below. It is not necessary to download the instructions from as you will only be directed back to the instructions on this webpage.

    If you have a compatible version of Adobe Reader and are still experiencing difficulty downloading the application package, try using a different Internet browser.

  3. When you download the application package, the "Grant Application Package" screen will open. Click on the "Save" button at the top of the form and save the application package to a location on your computer or network where you can find it readily. Save your application each time you work on it. You will get the message "The file already exists. Replace existing file?" Click "Yes" to ensure that you always save the most recent version.

  4. On the first page of the application package, you will see a field for “Application Filing Name.” Enter your legal name here.
  5. In the "Mandatory Documents" box, you will see two forms. You can access each Mandatory form by clicking on it OR you can scroll down your screen and you will come to each form in succession.

    The forms are:

    • Application for Federal Assistance SF 424 - Individual Form
    • Attachments Form
  6. Complete the application based on the Application Instructions outlined below.NOTE: LINK TO APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS DOCUMENT

Submit Your Electronic Application

  1. Check the size of your electronic application. The total size should not exceed 10 MB.

  2. To begin the submission process, click the Save & Submit button. [This button will not become active (and turn from light to dark gray) until you have saved your application with all required fields completed. Clicking this button will prompt you to save your application package one last time. When asked if you want to replace the existing file, click “Yes.” You will then be reconnected to and the Internet.] You will be prompted to provide your Username and Password that you obtained during registration.

  3. Click the "Login" button. This will bring you to the "Application Submission Verification and Signature" screen, which provides a summary of the Funding Opportunity for which you are applying. Click the "Sign and Submit Application" button to complete the process. Be certain that you are satisfied with your application before you click this button. No revisions to your application are possible through once it is submitted.

    If you have difficulty submitting, go to Adobe Reader Error Messages or Applicant Resources for several tools and documents to help you.

  4. Ensure that your application was validated and accepted by the system. Go to Track My Application to track the validation and progress of your application submission through After the Arts Endowment retrieves your application from, log in to the system by using your Username and Password to receive your Agency Tracking Number (this will be the Arts Endowment-assigned application number).

    Note: Acceptance and validation by does not imply that the applicant has uploaded the proper attachments. Before submitting your application, please double check that you have attached everything correctly.

Additional Help

For additional help on how to use, please see the website at Applicant Resources. You also can send e-mail to the Contact Center at or call them at 1-800-518-4726 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For specific help on how to complete your application, please review the instructions in these guidelines. For help on all other issues, click here. LINK