Final Descriptive Report and Online GEO for FY 11 & earlier

Final Descriptive Report with 3 Parts:

The Final Descriptive Report (FDR) is due 90 days after the end of the award period. 

The FDR consists of 3 Parts.  PART I,  is a narrative with questions regarding the project.  PART II, collects quantitative data about project activities and audiences/participants.  PART III, is an online module that collects the geographic location of funded activity. Click on the links below to access the form and instructions.

All three parts of the FDR must be submitted for the Report to be complete.  Parts I & II should be emailed to  Identify your grant number and organization name in the subject line and document title; e.g., FDR 11-xxxx-xxxx ABC Arts Organization.

  1. Part I & II: Narrative and Data

  2. Part III: Geographic Location of Project Activity

Click here if you are an individual Literature Fellowships grantee