Literature Fellowship recipients may now choose to complete and submit
their final reports online.

Submitting a final report online is easy:

  • Type your narrative directly on-screen or "copy and paste" it from
    a text editor of your choice* (2 pages maximum, up to 1200 words).
  • Preview your report and make any changes necessary before sending
    it electronically.
  • Receive an acknowledgment that your report has been received (provided
    you include an email address).

*We strongly recommend that you first create your narrative as a separate
document and then "copy and paste" it. By doing so you won't risk losing
any work if your Internet connection happens to fail before you finish
your report. Note: Text cannot be formatted - all formatting reverts to
plain text on-screen.

Online submission is entirely optional. Return to the previous screen
if you prefer to mail or fax your report.

If you have any questions, please contact the Grants & Contracts Office
at (202) 682-5403. Also contact us before submitting your final report if
you have not previously submitted a signed request for your grant funds.

Please go to the online Literature Fellowship Final Report form.