2019 Poetry Ourselves: Evan Reynolds

Poetry Ourselves is an additional competition for original student work for the 2019 National Finals. Each 2019 state champion had the opportunity to submit one original work of either written or spoken poetry. Evan Reynolds, the 2019 Connecticut State Champion, was the 2019 Poetry Ourselves written poetry winner for his poem "Ode to Rhubarb."

Ode to Rhubarb

Flesh-colored skin
Popping, Exploding,
Like fireworks,
In the market.

Once home,
We cut the stalks.
Malicious rhubarb.
A scandal,
Sour In every way.

And yet,
It is slayed
And fused
With angels.
The strawberries
Its disgust.
The sweet sugar
Its spirit.

Then covered
And baked.
The feelings
Merge together
As one.
Its hate
And unholiness
Washed away
With heat
the matchmaker,
and sweetness
its weapon.

The timer
Releases the prisoners,
Opens the chamber
And reveals
The rhubarb.
The same familiarity,
Yet unfathomably different.
Caring, Considerate,
A complete catharsis.
Once bitter,
Now succulent.
An Ebenezer Scrooge,
How magnificently