Akira Sky Workshop

On Sunday, September 22, at AMP Rehearsal Studios in North Hollywood, Akira Sky, her mentor J. Oconer Navarro (man), and music director Anna Ebbesen (with short dark hair) dug into every note and lyric of Sky’s song “I Don’t Know What Happened” to make it the best it can be. Sky is a junior at the Los Angeles High School for the Arts.

Sky’s winning song, “I Don’t Know What Happened,” is sung by a 17-year old multiracial girl named River who finds herself transported from the rare record room of a thrift store back 50 years to 1969 New York where she meets her grandmother as a younger woman.

Navarro noted Sky’s “natural flair for the pop world. With musical theater going so much more towards pop, I think it’s [the song is] such a great melding of worlds.” Sky said that the workshop experience, “will definitely change my path going forward.” In particular, she noted she would be “listening with different ears, trying to hear it [her future compositions] for the first time, to hear it from just a clarity standpoint, or from a rhythmic standpoint, thinking how things get on the page.”

Photos by Iliana Vasilyeva. Video by Greg Reiner with Carol Manolakos as vocalist.