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Attend Events

Percent of U.S. Adults Who Attend Visual or Performing Arts Events or Go to the Movies, by State: 2015

Includes: attending a live music, theater, or dance performance; attending a live book reading, poetry, or storytelling event; going to see an art exhibit; going to a movie; and touring/visiting buildings, neighborhoods, parks, or monuments for their historical, architectural, or design value.

Read Literature

Percent of U.S. Adults Who Read Literature (Plays, Poetry, Short Stories, or Novels), by State: 2015

Includes reading novels, short stories, poems, or plays.

Personally Perform or Create Artworks

Percent of U.S. Adults Who Personally Perform or Create Artworks, by State: 2014

Includes: making pottery, ceramics or jewelry; making leatherwork, metalwork, or woodwork; making weaving, crocheting, or other textile art; playing a musical instrument; acting; performing or practicing dance; doing social dancing; performing or practicing singing; creating films or videos; taking photographs for artistic purposes; creating other visual arts (e.g., paintings, sculpture, or graphic design; and doing creative writing.

Arts Consumption Via Electronic Media

Percent of U.S. Adults Who Use TV, Radio, and/or the Internet to Consume Art or Arts Programming: 2012

Use TV, Radio, and/or the Internet to watch, listen to, and/or download any: jazz; Latin, Spanish, or salsa music; classical music; opera; rock, pop, country, folk, rap, or hip-hop; musicals or stage plays; ballet, modern, or contemporary dance; other dance programs or shows; programs about visual arts such as painting, sculpture, graphic design, or photography; programs or information about books or writers, or other books, short stories, or poetry read out loud.