Creative Forces: NEA Military Healing Arts Network

Art Therapy Research

Key Creative Forces clinical research findings indicate:

  • Art therapy helps in recovering from traumatic experiences, reducing flashbacks and nightmares.
  • Artworks created in art therapy can act as agents for change to improve frustration tolerance and stabilize emotions.
  • Art therapy helps in coping with difficult experiences and feelings such as grief, loss, avoidance, survivor’s guilt, and shame related to wartime.
  • Art therapy may foster connectivity in the brain to help support healthier brain function.
  • Mask-making in art therapy promotes expressions of patriotism and belongingness to address feelings of disconnect with society and the country after returning home from deployment.

Additional research outcomes can be found in the Summary of Creative Forces Art Therapy Research Findings.

Creative Forces Art Therapy Research and Clinical Practice Papers

This section provides links to published research and clinical practice papers associated with Creative Forces. A catalogue of completed, current, and pending research and clinical practice papers is included in the Creative Forces Research Inventory.