Poetry Out Loud


We're catching up with 2010 and 2011 Poetry Out Loud National Champions Amber Rose Johnson and Kristen Dupard.
2014 Poetry Out Loud National Champion Anita Norman reflects on her POL experience, shares her fears about heading off to college in the fall, and gives DC sightseeing tips.
We're celebrating National Poetry Month and Jazz Appreciation Month with a look at works of poetry influenced by jazz.
I learned to read from my neighbor, Mrs. Chastain. My swing set backed up against her flower garden, and we became friends after I “borrowed” one of her red tulips. My mother dragged me to Mrs. Chastain’s front door and asked me to apologize. I stood there terrified, eyes on my sandals, tulip limp...
Anita Norman, our 2014 Poetry Out Loud National Champion, has proven that she knows a thing or two about reciting poems. As we get ready to crown this year's champ at next month's National Finals, we asked Anita to share her tips for reciting poetry. Even if you only want to share your poems with...
2014 Poetry Out Loud National Champ Anita Norman shares how she was transformed by discovering poetry through the Poetry Out Loud competition.
An interview with 2011 Poetry Out Loud National Champion Youssef Biaz about his favorite poets, his first time reciting a poem, and why he still loves poetry.
2014 Poetry Out Loud National Champion reflects on her experience attending and performing at the 2014 National Storytelling Festival
Arts administrator and poet Jonathan Katz (NASAA's CEO) ruminates on what he's learned from poetry.
You know what they say: in the end there can be only one. And at the end of the two-day 2014 Poetry Out Loud National Finals, that one was Anita Norman of Arlington, Tennessee. With bold, confident recitations of poems by Stanley Kunitz, Robert Hayden, and Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, the...