Blue Star Museums


Take a detour from the Pacific Coast Highway and stop by one of these Blue Star museums to see what they have to offer!
Take a trip to the museum--with a book!
Check out these Blue Star Museums bringing nature and art together!
Visiting a National Park this summer? Consider a visit to a nearby Blue Star Museum too!
Take a tour of Blue Star Museum Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland, Maine.
See how Cape Fear Museum is highlighting wartime history through artifacts and literature!
We're celebrating a new summer of Blue Star Museums today at Hampton Roads Naval Museum. Learn more about the museum today on the blog.
Step back into our post-colonial past at Boscobel House and Gardens, a Blue Star Museum.
We dip into archives to revisit the reasons why it's important to take kids to art museums.
It’s not unusual for a child to feel wary of museums, which often come with jostling crowds, new visual or multimedia experiences, and expectations of best behavior—no touching, no running, and inside voices only. For a child with special needs however, this can all compound into a positively...