Our Town

City of Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina



Located along the coastline, Charleston boasts 120,000 residents, making it South Carolina's second largest city. The city is known for its rich history and culture, which together help draw four million annual visitors.

To increase accessibility to the arts for both locals and visitors, the city will use its Our Town grant to support the transformation of a neglected open space to create the Gaillard Center Arts Precinct. The design and planning for the precinct will complement the city's $142 million renovation of the Galliard Center and create a civic destination for artistic activity, including outdoor public performance spaces. The City of Charleston, Galliard Performance Hall Foundation, Coastal Community Foundation, Spoleto USA, Charleston County School District, and the Charleston Civic Design Center will collaborate on project activities. The partners will conduct a community-driven visioning process utilizing innovative new media participation tools, lead master planning activities to promote linkages between adjacent cultural facilities, and engage professional urban designers and landscape architects to redesign the existing open space.