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City of El Paso, Texas

El Paso, Texas



With 649,000 residents, El Paso is set just across the Rio Grande River from Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. This international border town boasts an 81 percent local Latino population and a thriving arts scene promoted by the city's Museum and Cultural Affairs Department.

To beautify its downtown area for both locals and visitors from Mexico, the city will create a pedestrian green space that will connect the Union Plaza Entertainment District to the Cultural Arts District. Currently, the area between the districts is a desolate stretch of a publicly inaccessible parking lot, railroad tracks, and industrial loading docks that serve as physical barriers. With support from the Arts Endowment, the underutilized parking lot and physical barriers will be transformed into a sustainably designed pedestrian green space with innovative wayfinding and public art. Filled with public art, this leisurely walk will increase livability for the metropolitan area.


Pedestrian Throughway for Downtown El Paso from El Paso MCAD on

Vimeo. Video courtesy of Museums and Cultural Affairs Department,

City of El Paso, TX