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City of San Angelo, Texas

San Angelo, Texas



Known as the "Pearl of the Conchos," San Angelo sits at the confluence of the North and South Concho Rivers in West Central Texas. A community of 93,200 residents, San Angelo serves as the cultural hub for a vast and sparsely populated region.

To beautify its natural assets, the City of San Angelo is commissioning public art for new public spaces along the Concho River Trail. The project will implement a portion of the River Corridor Master Plan, developed as part of a community-wide engagement process that has identified revitalization of the riverfront trail as a key priority for local citizens. The river corridor is a relatively cool and verdant area in a region where the hot and dry climate puts landscaping and shaded areas in high demand. Project plans include the design and installation of several elements that are expected to enhance the experience of the trail, including water features, artist-designed lighting, mosaic murals, and sculpture. The project will be undertaken by the City of San Angelo in close collaboration with the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts.