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Los Angeles County Arts Commission

Los Angeles, California



The Los Angeles County Arts Commission is a resource for artists, arts organizations, students, educators, and the community at large. The commission ensures accessibility to the arts through art education programs, professional development, grant-making activities, and the creation of civic art in public areas.

The commission and its project partners are initiating an inventory and analysis of cultural assets in L.A.'s Willowbrook neighborhood. Willowbrook is an unincorporated area of Los Angeles County, with a population of approximately 35,000 residents and 16,000 daily users of the Rosa Parks Metro Station. A community outreach and mapping process will identify cultural assets, creative opportunities, and challenges and priorities for creative development in the neighborhood and its surrounding communities. Project activities include one-on-one interviews with key community leaders and artists, a demographic analysis of the area, and a mapping of existing cultural facilities, organizations, and businesses. Research on the area's cultural history and landmarks and a website that documents key findings will also be developed. Community input will be solicited through the website and through three town hall meetings. It is expected that the inventory will establish a collective artistic vision for the Willowbrook community.