Our Town

Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Boston, Massachusetts



Founded in 1873, the Massachusetts College of Art and Design was the country's first art college to grant degrees. Today, the school has a population of roughly 1,500 undergraduate and 150 graduate students.

The college's Our Town grant will help establish a central role for design in the economic and cultural evolution of Boston's Innovation District. The district is home to New England's largest artist community and plays a significant role in Boston's creative economy. With 1,000 acres of residential, commercial, and industrial space on South Boston's waterfront, the area is evolving into a place where creative arts, entrepreneurship, and technology coalesce. To further elevate the profile of design within the district, this project will conduct planning and marketing activities -- such as design symposia -- and assessments on how businesses can utilize design as a tool for innovation, community workshops, and exhibitions. The project will be led by the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, with partners that include the Design Museum Boston, Design Industry Group of Massachusetts, and the City of Boston.