Our Town

The Reinvestment Fund

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Working across the Mid-Atlantic region, the Reinvestment Fund finances community revitalization projects in low-income neighborhoods. Since its founding in 1985, the Reinvestment Fund has helped create 19,000 housing units, 29,500 charter school slots,
and 8.5 million square feet of commercial space.

The Our Town grant will support phase two of the development of a Creative Assets Mapping Database for the City of Philadelphia. The database will serve as a community and economic development tool for the range of organizations and individuals active in Philadelphia's creative and cultural economy. The Reinvestment Fund, in partnership with the City of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania's Social Impact of the Arts Project, will test the prototype database developed in phase one, engage the community to collect feedback, and build a website to expand the reach of the data. This project will document the city's creative assets, identify clusters of creative activity in underserved areas, research the relationship between cultural engagement and economic development, and develop a tool that will inform planning, policy development, and public investment strategies that grow the creative economy. The database will provide city leaders and arts organizations with new cultural data to serve Philadelphia's 1,526,000 residents and advance the city's ongoing goal of urban recovery.