Our Town

Terra Moto

Portland, Maine



Terra Moto brings creativity into civic life through performance, arts-based dialogues, and community art projects. Since 2007, the not-for-profit has focused on Art at Work, a national initiative that brings art-making projects into municipal governments.

The Arts Endowment will support a cohesive program that places multidisciplinary artists in residence in neighborhoods, creates public art, and launches a festival in Portland, Maine. Artists and facilitators will be paired with local neighborhood associations to lead arts-centered explorations of each neighborhood's history, place, identity, personal stories, and vision planning. The process will lead to a public art installation in each neighborhood, followed by a citywide festival that celebrates the neighborhoods, the art created, and the relationships built. An anticipated 55 artists, 300 neighborhood residents, and more than 2,000 community participants who come from among 32 nations will benefit from the initiative.