Our Town

University Cultural Center Association

Detroit, Michigan



The University Cultural Center Association (UCCA) is a consortium of more than 60 organizations that have come together to enhance and celebrate the cultural life of midtown Detroit. Midtown's population includes 17,941 residents, 32,241 employees and volunteers, 1,889,588 visitors, and 34,709 students.

One of the UCCA's latest projects is the development of an integrated public art plan for the Sugar Hill Arts District, a two-block radius in midtown Detroit. The project will align with several other redevelopment efforts focused in the area. The University Cultural Center Association, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, and City of Detroit will work with a public art consultant to outline opportunities and organizational structures for the commission, creation, installation, collection, and maintenance of public art in the district. The plan will further identify prospective geographic sites for artworks, and will suggest projects and related programs that will enrich and expand local cultural institutions and Detroit's broader arts community. Research on and creation of an administrative body for the Sugar Hill Arts District is also planned.