Our Town

University of Houston

Houston, Texas



Founded in 1927, the University of Houston (UH) educates more than 38,500 students each year. The city's leading public research university, UH offers more than 300 graduate and undergraduate programs of study.

The university is also an active member of the Houston community. With support from the Arts Endowment, UH will help revitalize the civic pride, community character, and historic value of Houston's Third Ward neighborhood, a historically African-American community with a population of approximately 13,000. This revitalization will be accomplished through a series of public art installations, new media initiatives, and cultural planning activities. Multidisciplinary artists, local organizations, and residents will participate in planning, design, and community engagement efforts that will strengthen the collective community identity and support its vision for a vibrant African-American "Main Street." Artists will build upon Third Ward's signature atmosphere by bringing arts to life in unexpected venues: jazz concerts in health clinics, photography exhibitions in barber and beauty shops, oral histories recorded after Sunday church services, and spoken word artists on public buses. Lead partners include the University of Houston, City of Houston, OST/Almeda Corridors Redevelopment Authority, and the Dawn Project, with more than 450 local community and arts partners participating in the initiative.