Our Town

Wormfarm Institute

Reedsburg, Wisconsin



Wormfarm Institute is an innovative not-for-profit dedicated to exploring and promoting the relationship between art and agriculture.

Wormfarm's Our Town grant will support the planning, pilot, and evaluation of Farm/Art D-Tour. These guided and self-led tours will take place primarily along rural roads in northern Sauk County, Wisconsin, and will feature farm-based ephemeral art installations and performances; mobile farm stands designed and built by artists; and interpretative signage about rural culture and the local arts, food, and farming communities. D-Tour is expected to strengthen and diversify the regional arts and farming economies, and will celebrate the unique human and natural history of Sauk County. The program will invite artists, residents, and tourists within a 250-mile radius to experience the local agricultural landscape, which has long been a cultural resource and source of community identity. Wormfarm will pilot and evaluate the first D-Tour as part of the annual Fermentation Fest. Sauk County is located in southwest Wisconsin, and Reedsburg has a population of 7,827.