Our Town

Art Opportunities, Inc. (ArtWorks)

Cincinnati, Ohio



The Pendleton neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio, has a rich architectural and cultural history and is home to the Pendleton Arts Center. The not-for-profit ArtWorks, in partnership with the City of Cincinnati, plans to help attract more visitors and future investments in the neighborhood of 1,500 with the Pendleton Public Art Project.

The project will commission a series of site-specific public artworks to be incorporated into the redesign of Pendleton's streetscape, in coordination with other major redevelopment activities in the community. Project activities will include planning with key stakeholders; an artist selection process; community engagement with the population of residents, institutions, and businesses; and a professional design review process. Art Works and the City of Cincinnati will create two committees to oversee the creative and technical aspects of the project, each comprised of local stakeholders such as the Pendleton Neighborhood Council, Bridging Broadway, staff from the City's Parks Department and Department of Transportation and Engineering, and local artists and historians.