Our Town

Arts Center of Mississippi

Jackson, Mississippi



The Midtown neighborhood of Jackson, Mississippi, is an area of approximately 215 acres with an estimated 2,000 residents. It is also home to the Midtown Arts District, a thriving community of artists in diverse disciplines.

The not-for-profit Arts Center of Mississippi is partnering with Hinds County Economic Development Authority to develop the Midtown Arts District through creative entrepreneurship, arts programming, public art, and branding initiatives. Four additional local partners will also participate in the project. The project will deliver business assistance training to creative entrepreneurs, encourage stronger relationships between the arts and business community, and develop an arts identity for the district through public art works and branding. It is anticipated that the development of the district will benefit residents, artists, and businesses—as well as the greater Jackson community—by increasing tri-county attendance at Midtown arts events, instilling a greater sense of community pride, and fostering integration of the arts into future phases of the Midtown Master Plan.