Our Town

Center for Appalachian Philanthropy (Portsmouth, OH)

Vanceburg, Kentucky



Lewis County in Kentucky, which includes the city of Vanceburg (population: 1,688), has high levels of poverty and lacks sufficient economic opportunities for its residents. A grassroots community-building approach has taken place to address these issues, and the arts play a key role in the community's redevelopment.

The Center for Appalachian Philanthropy is working to improve the community through the arts by partnering with the City of Vanceburg and several other organizations on designing the renovation of the historic Carter House Hotel in downtown Vanceburg. Project activities include architectural design, community engagement activities, and educational programming for local artisans to develop business skills. The renovated Carter House will serve as a creative hub for as many as 100 local artisans to identify, develop, and operate effective small businesses that produce and promote Appalachian goods and services. It is anticipated that more than 400 city and county community members will participate in educational and planning activities related to the development of the Carter House.