Our Town

City of Berea

Berea, Kentucky



The community of Berea, Kentucky, grew up around the Berea Literary Institute (which later became Berea College). As early as the 1890s, Berea was recognized as a center for traditional Appalachian crafts, and Berea College was renowned for its student crafts industry. Today, arts and culture are still at the core of Berea's social, economic, and educational growth.

The City of Berea and Berea Arts Council, along with six additional local partners, will use their Our Town grant to commission Carol Naughton + Associates, a graphic design firm with wayfinding experience, to design a wayfinding system and artistic place markers to direct visitors and residents to key cultural destinations throughout the city of Berea. Project activities include an inventory of existing cultural and artistic assets, a schematic design for wayfinding signage, accompanying technology including quick response (QR) codes and a website, and the installation of signage. The project will develop a stronger cultural identity for Berea, serving its 15,000 residents and attracting tourists from across the region.