Our Town

City of Dearborn

Dearborn, Michigan



The city of Dearborn, Michigan, has a population of nearly 100,000 residents from 82 different ethnic groups. Among the city's population is a strong artist community, but one where 52 percent of artists reported annual household incomes that fall at or below 60 percent of the area median income, according to an extensive artist market survey by Dearborn Community Fund in 2011.

The City of Dearborn and Dearborn Community Fund will use their Our Town grant to support pre-development activities for the creation of affordable live-work space for artists in the city. Funded activities will include the selection of an underutilized building in an emerging and viable mixed-use area of downtown Dearborn, and conceptual and schematic design by an architectural consultant. The artist market survey indicated the existence of a market sufficient to support at least 40 live-work units. The project will engage community outreach and business partners, and work with a variety of local partners.