Our Town

City of Driggs

Driggs, Idaho



Driggs, Idaho, is located at the foot of the Teton Mountain Range, serving the 10,000 residents of Teton County and approximately 500,000 travelers who pass through the city to visit Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. In 2004, the 1,660-person city participated in an Arts Endowment-funded Your Town: Citizens' Institute on Rural Design workshop, which focused on downtown design as a revitalization tool.

Building on that workshop, the City of Driggs—in close working relationship with the Teton Arts Council, Driggs Urban Renewal Agency, and Downtown Driggs Community Association—will carry out the creation of a permanent arts-focused public space at Driggs City Center Plaza, the core of the city's historic downtown. Project activities include site design, public engagement, and procurement of public art that reflects the theme of geotourism and celebrates the sense of place of the Teton Valley. The 17,000-square-foot plaza will serve as an outdoor arts center and central gathering place for residents and visitors along the Teton Scenic Byway, making space for events such as the Great Snow Fest snow sculpture competition, Driggs Plein Air Festival, and Shakespeare in the Park.