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City of Fitchburg

Fitchburg, Massachusetts



The city of Fitchburg, Massachusetts, has a population of roughly 40,000 residents. About 30 percent of the population is located within a five-minute drive of downtown.

The City of Fitchburg teamed with the Fitchburg Art Museum to create the Main Street Art Project, which will feature public art installations and performances in vacant buildings located on Main Street in downtown Fitchburg. The project will include collaboration with ten local public, educational, not-for-profit, and community organizations. Multidisciplinary artists will engage in month-long residencies to conduct workshops with youth and create artworks that explore a wide range of themes pertaining to Fitchburg. The workshops will explore issues such as cultural identity, preservation of historic architecture, and creative problem-solving through the arts, and will engage the city's public school youth, of whom 59 percent are minorities. The project's goal is to ultimately increase business activity on Main Street and inspire youth and entrepreneurs to view vacant properties as sites with creative possibility.