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City of Palatka

Palatka, Florida



The city of Palatka, Florida, is very much connected with its location on the banks of the St. Johns River, the longest river in the state. The St. Johns River is an important historic, ecological, and recreational resource for the rural Palatka community. The City of Palatka has been actively working on revitalizing the riverfront and downtown area, which host the annual, well-attended Florida Azalea and Blue Crab Festivals.

The City has partnered with the Arts Council of Greater Palatka on a public art and design plan for the riverfront area. The plan includes a new annual event, River Reflections, which will feature interactive projections over the St. Johns River. The Florida School of the Arts will work with area artists to create the projections. Arts Endowment funding will also support the planning and selection of artwork for a waterfront sculpture garden along the river. The public art plan is expected to benefit the 10,667 residents of Palatka as well as visitors to the area.