Our Town

City of Roanoke

Roanoke, Virginia



In 2011, the City of Roanoke adopted an arts and cultural plan as part of the city's comprehensive plan. One of the goals of the arts and cultural plan is to bring performing and visual arts directly to city neighborhoods.

The Roanoke Arts Commission, housed in the City of Roanoke's Office of Economic Development, will work with the Arts Council of the Blue Ridge, the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra, and the Taubman Museum of Art to coordinate with city residents, local musicians, dancers, and visual artists on a series of performing and visual arts activities in six neighborhood parks with their Our Town grant. Local arts organizations and individual artists will be invited to submit ideas for educational and participatory activities that will bring together diverse audiences, support artists, build community, rejuvenate underutilized parks, and strengthen the collective identity of Roanoke's cultural institutions. The six selected sites will engage the full spectrum of the city's demographics by bringing community arts resources to where the citizens live, as more than half of Roanoke's 97,000 residents live in poverty.