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Portland, Oregon



Portland, Oregon, the state's most populous city, is home to roughly 583,000 people. The City of Portland Office of the Mayor and My Story will collaborate on We are Portland, a project that engages youth to capture and exhibit photographs that showcase the city's changing demographics. Through photography and related media training, youth will capture family portraits to be presented in a citywide series of interactive exhibits that challenge preconceptions about the city's demographics, and visually present the faces and stories of a changing Portland. Coinciding with the adoption of the 2035 Portland Plan, We are Portland will engage minority and immigrant populations in planning for the city's future, helping to address socio-economic, racial, and ethnic inequalities that exist today. The project will include six youth arts workshops, engaging 90 underserved youth to study photography and related media, and capture the stories of more than 180 underserved Portland families.