Our Town

Public Corporation for the Arts of the City of Long Beach (Arts Council for Long Beach)

Long Beach, California



The city of Long Beach, California, is the most diverse city of its size in the nation, with a population of 461,000. Forty percent of the city lies in designated redevelopment areas due to economic conditions and physical blight, such as vacant lots.

The Arts Council for Long Beach and the City of Long Beach's Development Services will use an Our Town grant for the A LOT series of free multidisciplinary performances on vacant lots. Selected through a competitive proposal process, Long Beach-based artists will present as many as 50 dance, music, theater, and spoken word performances in six to eight neighborhoods that have traditionally been underserved by arts organizations. The series will take place in nontraditional venues and activate vacant lots that contribute to urban blight in lower-income Long Beach communities. The partners will build alliances with community-based organizations, neighborhood associations, and business improvement districts to promote the performances. The project is expected to reduce perceived or physical barriers to access to the arts, and to broaden local arts audiences to include both the intentional viewer and the casual passerby.