Our Town


Denver, Colorado



Denver, Colorado, is a culturally vibrant city with more than 300 large and small arts and cultural organizations. In the middle of the city is Sustainability Park, where an urban farmers collaborative established three thriving urban gardens and Feed Denver has installed an aquaponics system growing koi and tilapia.

The arts collective RedLine, the City of Denver, and seven additional organizations will collaborate on A Village Environment, a project within Sustainability Park that involves the creation of public sculptures that will produce renewable energy. The public sculptures will be commissioned via a competitive selection process, with the requirement of artistic excellence and the ability to generate power. Accompanying programs and workshops led by artists will engage the community on the benefits of integrating sustainable design into daily life. It is anticipated that as many as 18,000 individuals will visit Sustainability Park and that the public sculptures and community process will particularly impact residents, primarily low-income, that reside in the neighborhood surrounding the park.