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Arlington County, Virginia

Arlington, Virginia




Aerial view of a park with overhead walkways, at night.

An example of the work of architect and artist Walter Hood is Splash Pad Park in Oakland, California. The site, cut off physically by Interstate 580, is designed to strengthen its connection to adjacent park lands by creating walkways that link users under the freeway to the adjacent commercial corridor, through a wood paved gathering space with lights illuminating from below its surface and a water wall with sparkling jets. Photo courtesy of Hood Design.

The NEA grant will support master planning, design, and public art for Nauck Town Square. Landscape architect, public artist, and National Design Award-winner Walter Hood will be commissioned to lead community engagement activities that will inform a design for the square and the integration of a work of temporary public art at the site. The square will serve as a new civic center for the 5,738 residents of Arlington's Nauck-Green Valley neighborhood, which has seen a dramatic decline in its African American population in the past two decades. Revitalization of the square will build on recent planning efforts focusing on preserving the historic and demographic character of the community. The project will be led by Arlington Economic Development--Arlington Public Art and the Arlington Community Foundation in partnership with many community organizations.