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ArtPrize Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids , Michigan




Photos and drawings on a table.

The pedestrian incentive program that will be part of ArtPrize Grand Rapids 2013 will feature creative signage such as sidewalk stencils and guide maps. Image courtesy of ArtPrize

The NEA grant will support pedestrian incentive programs during the annual ArtPrize festival and a year-round public art walk challenge to encourage audiences to experience art while walking. Project activities include creative signage for pedestrian pathways, a community walking challenge and guide maps. Grand Rapids Downtown Development Authority and ArtPrize will partner to challenge residents and visitors to walk or take public transit between cultural, civic, and artistic sites across the city. In 2012, 400,000 visitors attended ArtPrize, a 19-day festival that exposes audiences to free public art in a variety of venues across the city. The year round programming will also serve 188,000 residents of Grand Rapids, striving to improve their health outcomes through inventive interaction with art.